November 13 Sunset

20160817_135204It wasn’t the clearest of sunsets one could wish for, though the beauty was beyond anything man-made. The perfect blend of fading red, mellow orange, magenta and other unnamed hues was majestic. The beauty of nature, at most times, has the effect of calming down the hot nerves.

I met a friend.
After two months, perhaps even more.
She is a beautiful friend.
Like a sunset.
We watched the red Orb,
fading slow, into the horizon,
sinking in the sea,
A beautiful death.
There’s a certain beauty in death.
Something too profound,
To understand in this world of senses.
It seems nonsense.

But we gazed at the dying sun,
It was an orgasm of colours.
Ever shifting,
Light playing upon the dissipating clouds,
Soon engulfed in the cloak of night.

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