A moment of clarity,
as certain as a headache,
and then there was darkness.
No. It wasn’t just the absence of light.
For it was a living thing.
More real than words can capture.
Raw and immediate,
Shaking the fuck out of me.

I felt it.
I felt it inside me.
Arresting my being in a moment,
Spreading itself through my nerves,
A sleep paralysis, I thought,
But I remember the darkness.
It was different.

It was speeding towards me like a tsunami
From within me.
And entered.

After I awoke from the initial shock,
And checked the time on my phone, 1.23 a.m.
I got out of bed, opened the door in darkness.
I saw shadows of two legs moving.
From under the toilet door, against the yellow light.
Looking under the door of my brother’s room,
I saw the light was on.
‘Yohan, is that you?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, its me’
His voice sounded strange. Deeper.
Maybe drowsiness.

But then I woke up.

Unsure if I would wake up once more,
I write this poem.

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