When Experience is evasive..?

To describe some experiences, one needs to first understand the history of a person. It is together with all things in history, the little memories here, the small secrets there, joyous or sad memories, experiences that enriches, that embarrassed you, the states of mind through which you have been, the nature of the environment surrounding you, where you lived for the past two decades (in my case), and much more details connect together with your worldview and senses when you experience something.

At that moment of witnessing, there are frequencies or energies or vibrations that are released from all those points of memory which consolidate your sense of self, so to speak. When these are released, we feel them, but often they are numbed by the other senses and what we assimilate, absorb, consume. They are also numbed by the vast over-input of information, such as glancing through so many FaceBook pictures; swipe swipe swipe, like, swipe swipe swipe. However, at certain times, these vibrations are much stronger and they are on the same frequency, creating a stronger sensation. At times these vibes or frequencies are too strong to bear, and we find it difficult to keep our composure that civilization seems to demand. These are the moments that we break down, in joy or grief. While this sounds a very phenomenological reasoning, this is what I think articulates that moments of Awe we encounter. It gives us another perspective.


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