Remember Zion


Oh soft-skinned, honey-lipped goddess of egypt,
Your silken hair falls soft over bare breasts,
The curve of your shoulder, the edges of your hips,
The agonizing footfall that makes one trip,
The glimmer of your eyes, the radiant glow,
Fans to flame a dying spark.

You are a serpent, the way you glided in,
Slithering in, freezing my benumbed mind.
An undying myth, truer than the rainbow,
Feast to the eye, beast to the weak soul,
Tell me, do you think you will be satisfied,
And not be wanting more inevitably?
Where will you stop is not for me to ask.

Where is your master, occupied with a heavier task?
Have the sheets become cold in these cruel desert nights?
Could not the stars have foretold the malady you hate?
That you come after a sweeter melody
From a foreign instrument to make.

You come with rope and risk, desire and consuming fire,
You tie me down, hands and feet,
Warming my blood in passionate, nervous excitement.
Till I cannot move an inch,
In my mind.

Born in the land where my people are slaves,
Where did you learn to be so unfeeling, so numb?
Now you come to take captive my fate,
My homeland blurs from my vision, I succumb.
Or, not. How could I forget? You are not here,
To give pleasure, but torture me. My people.
Drive them insane in chains, hands and head.

You hold my body, your fingers melt on my skin,
I feel fire through your eyes.
Sensing my doubts you grip my linen,
Determined to hold my deterred will.
I see in your eyes an oblivion, a darkness.
I leave behind my garb,
Feel the cold wind embrace my naked body,
And flee your captivity.


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