Covered in blood and the other fluids in which she was enveloped within the womb, the frail pound of flesh with small beady eyes and an ill defined little nose was pushed out, into the world, marking her official existence. Something was off about this child but no one could place what it was in an instant and everyone around the operation theatre looked on at her, waiting for something to happen. The nurse had the baby in her hand checking her body while the mother, gasping with the effort of delivering life into existence, kept looking from face to face and at her baby to see why everyone remained silent as if it was a funeral.

The baby, cupped in the gentle, experienced hands of the nurse moved with slow raw movements, in an attempt to slightly extend its arms in the new found space. A hush had fallen on the entire room.

Then, quite suddenly, as the air entered the tiny lungs of the baby, she opened her little beads and the sensation of air passing through her nose and filling her lungs struck her. She broke the silence. No one tried to stop her high pitched crying. A slight smile of relief appeared on the mothers face as she closed her eyes, only for a moment, in a  thankful prayer, while the nurse rocked the baby gently in her arms saying ‘that’s it baby, cry it all out.’

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