How Should I Transcribe?

How should I transcribe a memory?
Probably consult a linguist or a novelist,
Or a poet, perhaps, or a man with many lenses,
Who captures slices of time in a digital void, or cards.

How should I transcribe a family?
A sociologist will explore the intricacies,
Of the crucial socializing unit,
A psychologist may reveal the impact,
Of childhood, of parenting, of surrounding,
The nest and the rest that play a part,
Nature and nurture from start,
Till now.

A songwriter may capture the ebbs and flows,
The tears of joys or sorrows,
Of pasts blurred and hopeful tomorrows.
A son or a daughter, would remember the laughter,
Also the tears, and the ears that listened through the years.
What words are potent enough to help my cause?

How should I transcribe a generation?
A Historian tells me of economies,
Hardships and shortages,
Political crises, armed conflicts,
Diseases and dissensions,
A film director captures the glimpses,
Of hope like sap, flowing down the bloodlines,
Where filial and fraternal affection stands, relentless.

I know of a woman,
Who stands behind these mere words,
Her word like an anchor,
Her silent, resilient, love a gentle river,
Day fell upon day as they became months upon months,
Years became decades,
Where each moment she gave a voice,
A verb, a noun, an adjective, subject and object,
Gave articulation to many a soul,
Who replied ‘Good evening Teacher’,

She would transcribe, if you ask,
Memories better than a novelist
Families than a sociologist,
A generation better than a historian,
A generation would rise, to say thank you,
In whom she stirred a voice, a narrative,
To be transcribed.


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