Yesterday my slipper broke,
I bought it from cool planet in Pelawatte,
While waiting for my girl.
It was blue with two grey stripes,
And was expensive, relatively.
The front part that parts the toes came loose.
I used tape that I had, to no avail,
Few steps made it loose again.
So I held them both, also the one that was intact, in my right hand,
And made my way home through the streets,
In the bus,
Through the street,
In the bus.
My slipper broke yesterday and I walked along.
Barefooted in the old hard tar,
In the darkening evening.
People found it amusing,
As I was wearing a middleclass track bottom,
Because my pen leaked itself while it was in my denim pocket.
That happened two days past.
And I was wearing a middle-lower-class chequered shirt.
They did not go together with the barefooted walk.
My slipper broke yesterday and I walked.
My fragmented integration was disintegrated for an evening,
Because my slipper broke yesterday
And I still walked the street

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