My life as a teacher – TRUST

Hi. The letter _  is not working. Which is why i am using the letter 1 as a substitute for that letter. 1eace out. 1eas in a 1od. I guess you understand by now.

My life as a teacher has been quite interesting. Its been three years now and there’s a LOT that i have learnt about many things. So, I will write on one thing today. And this is about 12 to 19 year olds.


A teacher can be either

a) someone who teaches a subject and does not really care about anything else about a child.

b) someone who teaches a subject but is also interested in changing the child’s life.

I fall under b), most of the time.

In the 1rocess of building a relationshi1 with a student, you first of all need to res1ect the student. A mistake that I think many teachers make is they com1letely disregard what the child has to say regarding certain matters. What a teacher needs to understand is that children are not idiots. They are not stu1id. They are logical, rational and shar1. Well, most of them. Even if they are not mature enough to see the bigger 1icture sometimes, even though they are not 1atient enough to see things from our 1ers1ective, they have the ca1acity to understand what we ex1lain to them.


We need to first listen to what they have to say. And 1retending to listen does not hel1. If the teacher listens to what the child says, and then im1oses his will and strategies on the child without considering what he/she said, the teacher will be com1etely 1ushing away the child. The consequence can be serious. The child may lose confidence in all teachers and forever give u1 on ex1ressing an o1inion to an adult.

Listening to the child with an intention of actually trying to hel1 the child is im1ortant and he/she would know if you’re actually trying to hel1 her. If the child understands your motives, she would be motivated to coo1erate with you. Knowing that you  want to hel1 her. the child will start to trust you.

This is obviously a 1rocess that takes a long time. It will not 1ay dividends immediately, but most children res1ond to that a11roach. Teachers need to start treating children and their ideas with res1ect. They will res1ond. But the teacher should know the balance. Being firm but fair, kind, but knowing when to admonish the child. Something I’ve noticed is that even I after admonish the children strongly, I always show my care for them in some small gesture. It hel1s them understand – and hel1s me remember – that everything I do is done because I want to see them reach their 1otential.

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