For a penny or two.
I sold my soul.
You call me a fool,
But you can’t say no more.
I never saw your pool,
You never saw my sore
Fingers and palms that holds the tool,
That worked your field till I dropped to the floor.

For a penny or two,
I swallowed the coal,
Found joy in the little thing or two,
I thought that made me whole.
Calloused hands that were true,
Mellow heart and tired soul,
Promised lands I gave up for you,
You smiled and pushed in more coal.

For a moment or two,
When my weary hands slipped and failed,
And the voices rose like flames right through,
The walls of my sanity, and words were pelted like hail,
Where were you?

Did you not hear my cry, that the burden was too much?
Or were you so cruel, or blinded by your pride?
When my poised visage cracked under the weight of your touch,
Did this weary lion become a liability to your pride?
Hindsight. Bless it. For I now don’t need the crutch,
That I thought I needed. To hold your expectations, I tried.

You agreed that I was materialistic, and didn’t amount to much.
I remember my weary limbs, and my mind that cried,
And a cheque that could never return the dreams I couldn’t touch,
Joy and loyalty was in overdraft, till I sighed.

Was everything in vain? Sometimes my mind wanders,
Did my toil that worked this unrelenting soil get soiled so easy?
My bags are packed and I’m on my way, a one-way ticket, as I wonder,
What kingdom I served, and how I got served, how it all seems dreamy.

But thank you Lord, oh let it ring,
With sparrows I can finally spread my wings!
Freedom, these chains are fallen, and I could finally sing,
With resolute mind and without fear of anyone or anything.

Kevin Dilhan

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