Pens and Knives.

I flirt with realities stretched to fiction,
Coz the hold of the story equals the friction,
Be wary, muse, you nudge my art further adrift,
My creations gain momentum in the plunge off the cliff,
Eyes on the mirror, I perceive the gap,
Between the seer and the creators trap,
I take the plunge in the safety of the distance
Provided by the craft, crafted with no resistance,
Step into the mirror with a clear headed plot,
Shattering the real, for what fits the consumers slot,
Oh the Irony, grim, dark and too comic
That life imitates the art, when the creator don’t see it coming,
When the writer beholds the creation come to life,
And gets lost in thought as above the paper he holds the knife.

Kevin Dilhan
The WORDS Academy

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