Thisconnected generation.

Yes, we are the connected generation.
Omnipresent in multiple nations,
Encountering gluttony and starvation,
Scrolling through depression or celebration,
Administering prayers and vilification,
Prescribing cocktails, hike-trails and propitiation,
Ascribing guilt, shame and condemnation,
Binary martyrs persecuted by FOMO and digital asphyxiation,
Veiled goddesses and chemical transformations,
Toned limbs, souls in limbo, trapped in liminal spaces,
Indulging in keyboard justice reparations,
Indignant on a cosmic scale,
Ignorant of the neighbours suffocation.

Connected generation.
Everything is anichcha.
Sacred screens, tempered glasses,
Virtual screams, framed masses,
Everything is everywhere,
Everywhere is on the screen,
Flick of the finger,
Resting upon the palm,
The world became framed and portable,
Into Zeros and ones.

Stolen touch.
Connected generation.

Empty seats at the dining tables,
No ears to hear the age-old fables,
No voice to chide or chuckle at a teenager’s foibles,
Weary eyes fixated at Youtube parables.
Connected generation.
Digital asphyxiation.

Thisconnected generation.
By Kevin Dilhan.

The WORDS Academy.


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