THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE revision programme to help you/your child elevate their mark for O Level English Literature.

The set plan is as follows –

  1. The Lumber Room (2 Session)
  2. The Nightingale and the Rose (2 Session)
  3. The Twilight of a Crane (2 Session)
  4. The Bear (2 Session)
  5. The Vendor or Sweets (4 Session)
  6. Poem 1 (Category – Society) (Half a Session)
  7. Poem 2 (Category – Society) (Half a Session)
  8. Poem 3 (Category – Conflict) (Half a Session)
  9. Poem 4 (Category – Conflict) (Half a Session)
  10. Poem 5 (Category – Life) (Half a Session)
  11. Poem 6 (Category – Life) (Half a Session)

Revision will be aligned with previous examination questions. Why? So that in the process of revision, the students will absorb the skills (organization, writing skills, vocabulary) and knowledge to write solid and impressive answers.

Two Birds (Revision and Answer Writing). One Stone.

The content (selection of short stories and poems) can be changed after discussion according to the need of the child.

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