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The medium has changed. This means that the elements that the educator and the learner relied on to make the sessions effective no longer apply.

New medium = New elements.
New elements = New methods.

The support material given for online lessons need to be more specific and the lesson outline needs to be emphasized because unlike the usual physical classroom, the online session cannot rely heavily on the feedback from the child. The feedback is not as strong and the educator is unable to read the body language of the student.

Therefore, a clear and detailed guide needs to be sent to the students before the lessons begin so that they are able to follow the given document.

Given below is a sample of the kind of material we use at THE WORDS ACADEMY to ensure that the student does not miss out on anything just because it is an online lesson. In fact, we incorporate the tools that become available to make it even better. One way is to use the medium of Youtube. The video is posted below. Go check out our Youtube channel!

COVID-19 has forced us to adopt new methods and those who adapt the fastest will be able to move ahead. We believe that students will benefit immensely from the online programs we offer. And we understand that even though the COVID situation will eventually get better, ONLINE learning will be here to stay. That is why we will carry out separate online classes for those who require it.


  1. Twilight of a crane explores the difference between contentment and discontentment of humans. Do you agree? Comment with examples from the play.


  2. Twilight of a crane explores the difference between contentment and discontentment of humans. Do you agree? Comment with examples from the play.


  3. In essence, it is about the misunderstanding of what would bring contentment. Yohyo has everything and is perfectly content as this answer shows –
    However, the allure of greed, money, or avarice is such that he thinks he should even sacrifice what he has to attain that. This shows that people are influenced by the idea of a lot of money. Even when you have contentment, people will always look for more – and this insatiable desire for more ends up destroying everything you had. It is only when you begin to lose the things that were important to you that you see what actually brings contentment.

    You begin to value things only when you are about to lose them. So the play is explores how the pursue of contentment through avarice or materialistic objects can destroy human relationships, which is portrayed as the ultimate contentment in the play (|When they lived a simple life – and had an amazing life). Yohya used the persons he loved and loved the things he used. He confused the two.

    So, I’d say the play is not about the difference between contentment and discontentment, but about how avarice (or other things sometimes like lust) can influence how people view contentment, and affect their mind, choices in such a way that it destroys their relationships, in effect, robbing them of any contentment they have.


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