Learning is a learner centered activity. The focus is on the learners. The aim is not to feed information to the students. It is to foster their creativity and critical thinking skills.

While they absorb all the information they need to achieve the highest results, they also develop alternative ways of seeing and this will benefit them throughout their careers.

We use a number of teaching methods to ensure that the students absorb the information while learning other important skills. For more information on that read our post on the Modus Operandi (Our Method). But in a nutshell, Brainstorming and Mindmapping, Flipped Classroom, Image-based Memory Points (, Presentations, Debates, Artwork, Discussions, Socratic Circle and other group work are few of the techniques used in teaching at the Words Academy.

Our workshops use the above techniques.

Other than that, we have revolutionized the art of workshops through closer attention to how the learning space can be optimized to create a conducive learning environment. For this end, we make the workshop space an exhibition where images relating to the texts and the details are displayed. The students do their own, independent learning by reading through and observing/absorbing the images and the information. The association of the image and the information ensures that the details are retained in memory. (Closer to a Mnemonic technique)

The learner will receive all the support material to enhance his Language skills as well as his literary appreciation skills. Each workshop will feature support material which focuses on the texts (themes, questions, vocabulary related to the themes, sentence structures and phrases, connection to context, how to use quotations – with explanations of each) and many aspects of writing formal essays or commentaries.

Contact us now to participate in our Workshops – Kevin Dilhan – 076-5391326 (Call/Whatsapp) OR Kaumadee Rathnayake – 0766-707519 (Call/Whatsapp).

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