Magazine Articles – Checkpoint English

Magazine Articles usually contain most of the features that are given below.

1. Attractive title – The title has to grab the attention of the reader!

2. Engagement with the audience – If you don’t interact with the audience, the reader will feel bored. Speaking directly to the reader is a great way to make it like a conversation!

3. Rhetoric Questions – This is a great way to make the readers think (Example – Have you ever run out of water while trying to wash away the soap on your body?) If it relates to your audience it will hook the reader’s attention!

4. A Story – A short narrative bit that’s relevant to the topic will be useful – stories always interest the reader.

5. Strong Imagery – This makes the reading easier to imagine – therefore more enjoyable, memorable and interesting.

6. Expert Opinions / Statistics – Including these sources of information which have more credibility and provides evidence will add more professionalism and significance to your article. We take what the archeologist says about the details of an excavation more seriously than what the CEO of a salon has to say!

7. Humour – While this may depend on the content of your article, usually, humour and wordplay will work wonders to make your article more attractive! But make sure you don’t overdo it – then it’ll taste like a curry with too much salt!

8. Subheadings – This is important! Breaking down your main points into different sections will help the reader a) skim through your article instantly and b) it is so much easier to understand and remember the contents of your article! Coming up with interesting subheadings may amp up the read-worthiness!

9. Emotive Language – This is a powerful tool to make readers interested in what you write because it arouses pathos (sadness) or maybe other emotions – you need to know where to use it though.

Do the above features seem overwhelming? Don’t worry! With a bit of reading and practice, it will be quite easy!

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