Narrative Writing is easy….. if you are a voracious reader.

Let’s glance through the fundamental guidelines of writing a story!

PLOT – The storyline typically consists of four main aspects.
1. Exposition (Beginning) – This is where the story begins and you set the background, and introduce the reader to the characters, and the surroundings – and maybe the conflicts that they face.
2. Complication – This is where the character/s face a CONFLICT. The Conflict is a pivotal part of the story! A simple example would be the classic love-triangle where two people are interested in the same person! There’s a conflict that never gets old! Now, in this part of the story (which usually contains the largest chunk) the conflict becomes more and more complicated!
3. Climax – This is where the action hits the peak! The complications confront each other and the most significant action/incident in the story happens here.
4. Resolution – After the climax, the story continues to tell the reader about the effects of the incident, and how things settle into a new normal.

Remember that these are guidelines. Not rules. But following these will ensure your story is well structured!

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