considering eng lit. FOR OL’s? READ THIS!

  1. STAND ABOVE THE REST – Unlock NEW WAYS of Seeing.
    You will develop cognitive skills which will allow you to see things differently than your peers! When they judge people for their mistakes, you will have more understanding to see beyond the obvious. You will have insight into the reasons and circumstances that push people to act in a certain way. You will be able to see the larger social implications (social structures) which influence their behaviours – and yours!

2. SHOW OFF your language skills – ELEVATE
By the time you finish the English Literature program, your English competency will have improved significantly! Here at the WORDS academy, we focus on writing skills as well as presenting skills so that while you learn to appreciate literature, you also transform into an effective and eloquent speaker! We focus on specific vocabulary which helps you articulate complex thoughts effortlessly.

The study of Literature amplifies your creativity and pumps up your imaginative muscles because every text you read (and read into) opens up new ideas, new worlds, novel concepts and a multiplicity of expressions that you can borrow into you repertoire of expression! Reading and studying literature will offer you that INNOVATIVE EDGE that all CEO’s of big companies look for so much!

4. HARNESS the HISTORICAL Knowledge to stay ahead of peers and Understand the ZEITGEIST! (Spirit of the Age)
Being aware of your own roots and the progression of cultures, societies and the transformations they have gone through due to migration, industrialization, capitalism, battles and wars, slavery, colonialism, plagues, television and other forms of media among many other changes will open your eyes to many truths about the human race – and surely, more or less about you. Unlike your peers who feel like floating flotsam upon an incommensurable ocean, you will be grounded, aware of who you are and where you are as well as where we’re heading!

5. TRAVEL through TIME and TIMEZONES into a multiplicity of nations and cultures!
As you read texts from different cultures, you will learn about and learn to appreciate the different cultures around the world. You will learn their way of life – their beliefs, their customs and traditions – this will give you perspective into your own life and experience as a human being and completely change the way you see the world!

6. Be a INFORMED and CONFIDENT CONVERSATIONALIST! – The critical thinking skills you will develop and the vast amount of knowledge you will absorb through literature will give you the confidence and the information to become a great conversationalist -rather than feeling left out in the conversation, get right back in it with soaring confidence.

Literature deals with human experiences in multiple cultures and situations. Studying the motivations behind the actions of the characters will reveal how the mind – therefore our behaviour (the choices we make, our preferences, our image about ourselves) – is shaped due to our nature as well as the nurture we receive. You will learn deeper psychological truths which would guide you through your own maze of emotions, situations, behaviours, inclinations and choices!

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