The Twilight of a Crane – Quotesplanations

The Twilight of a Crane – OL English Literature Analysis/Criticism

1. Oh dear, I almost forgot! Cold soup is no good for my sweet heart!

(Tsu – Now I’ll make supper for you)

Yohyo and Tsu both care for each other. They care concerned about each other’s well-being and comfort. They prioritize each other and spend energy and time to ensure their partner’s happiness. We later understand that Yohyo is rather forgetful; but he goes out of the way to somehow remember to heat up soup for his wife. This suggests that his mind and thoughts are on Tsu – she is the most important thing in his life, not money.

Yohyo calls her ‘sweet heart.’ This shows the intimacy they share. They seem to have a relationship which is full of contentment and peace. They do not hide anything from each other. 

2. Since she came here, he never does anything but sleep by the fire-side all day long.

This shows us that Yohyo already had everything that he needed to be happy. He was financially secure because of the Senba Ori that he sold. He did not have to toil and labour. He was emotionally complete because he received the pure love of Tsu. He had a happy life and the villagers were clearly envious of him.  This good fortune befell Yohyo because of Tsu. Tsu brought love into his life as well as financial stability. However, when she leaves, he loses all of it.

3. Unzu, you must be making a pretty good profit in your deals with that cloth.

We learn that Unzu has been deceiving Yohyo about the profit. This shows us the insincerity of both Unzu and Sodo. The both of them are more focused on making profits rather than being honest and truthful.

4. Yohyo, my dear- what’s happened to you? You are gradually changing. I can’t understand why.

But you are moving to the other world where I can never live.  You are becoming the same as those whose language I cannot understand.

In the play, Tsu is a character who symbolizes ideal love. She is not human and is beyond human trappings (weaknesses) such as greed and selfishness. We know this because she cannot even speak or understand the language of greed. She loves Yohyo with all her heart as she mentions in the play and seeing him changing into someone different makes her worried. She sees the gradual change. It has been happening for some time. It warns people of how change comes little by little. She speaks of greed, which is a kind of mindset, as a different world which she cannot understand. Her mind, her thoughts are about their relationship. Her world revolves around him. She has committed to loving him and when this is not reciprocated, she is unable to understand him.

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