Personalized Songs/Poems

Aren’t you just tired of pining over what gift to buy for the person you love? It should be perfect! It has to be something that has value. And it has to be something personal.

What if you could give them something they never expected – something that perfectly captures all the nuances of how you feel about them. Something that reminds them of how much you love them! Something that reassures them.

Something that says,
I’m here.
I know.
And I love you.

For the first time in Sri Lanka, you can get your personalized song for your loved ones!


Submit your request to me through e-mail ( or Whatsapp (+94765391326) and tell me your story!

It is the small details that make a story memorable and unique! And I will place those little facts that are your treasured memories into that perfect personalized song to immortalize your love!

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