Writer’s Craft – Introduction


How does the writer use strong vocabulary to make something more appealing to the reader’s senses or reading experience? That is the question you need to think about when writing a Writer’s Craft answer. Let’s get to it.


1. He shouted at her at the top of his voice.
2. His voice ascended abruptly like a trumpet in full blast, blaring all over her terrified face.

In the examples given, the second one is obviously more effective. So, in writer’s craft, you have to select the words that make that difference and explain why those choices of words (terrified), images (trumpet in full blast) and other devices make it an effective, impactful and a sensory reading experience.

You have to take some time to ponder the effectiveness of the words and phrases – try to imagine it vividly.
Identify the key words/phrase – Ascended abruptly like a trumpet in full blast…
Think about the connotations of these words. What kinds of images, feelings or references do they evoke? Ascended reminds you of something rising… Abruptly conveys the immediacy and maybe the unexpectedness. The comparison to a trumpet connotes the harshness, the loudness and the unpleasantness of the sound…

EXAMPLE ANSWER – The image of the trumpet conveys the loudness and harshness of his voice. It may suggest his anger or annoyance. The phrase ‘blaring all over’ captures how his overpowering voice completely drowned or baptized her, leaving her no room to escape.

If you have any more questions, please do ask.

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