Clean the Mirror!

Even though you are certain about your sense of sight (maybe with the assistance of those glasses), it might not be the same when it comes to insight! Insight is your ability see beyond the visible – here’s a definition:

INSIGHT – the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

We cruise through life, filling up our lives with the routine tasks, trying to achieve milestone after milestone, sometimes not having any time to breathe and relax. We pursue success which hangs on our definition of what it is. In all this, sometimes we get lost in the race, in the perpetual motion of the system – like a hamster in the wheel. Like the pavlovian dogs, with no sense of control, conditioned beyond understanding.

I say this because I felt like that. Lost in an ocean full of waves, without any control of what is happening.

Ever felt like your mind has been hijacked? I went through that for years and years, without even realizing it.

But then things became a little clearer, as if the storms were becoming less intense, and as if the dark clouds were receding!

I like to compare it to a dirty mirror, where you peer into for a good look at yourself. It helps you to see you, and see the things that you need to fix. But if the mirror is so dirty that you cannot see anything other than the grime, you are not able to see your shape, your colour, your hair or anything. You become completely invisible – but you need to change this.

You might feel like your mind is on autopilot. Like you have no authority over the choices that you are making! Why does this happen? You feel like you are losing your will power and no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work! You can change this!

While there are many ways to treat this kind of mind, something that helped me immensely is bullet journaling, prayer and a change of space. Here’s the thing; sometimes it is not one thing that gets you out of such a situation! Sometimes it requires more than one thing – sometimes very simple things. But they can be life-changing!

For me it was bullet journaling, prayer and a change of space. Bullet Journaling helped me to calm myself down. It was like art therapy – I had to control my nerves, bring myself to sit down in one place and calmly draw the lines, the curves, the letters – the artworks and the pages filling up, the entries becoming information and seeing my life emerging right inside of the pages of the journal had a rather sobering effect on me. The repetition of the lines, as tedious as it sounds, helped me come out of my restless mind.

I started writing more about my feelings. I became more aware of what I feel. I began to be more mindful about the things I felt. And i was more in touch with the thoughts that were forming inside my mind. And the great thing about it is, because I could at a more accurate level, understand what thoughts populated my mind, I had better control of it. I had better control of making stronger decisions, saying no to my mind, and I found content in the little things once again. But, there are days when the progress seems to crumble, and you feel like it is a useless effort just like any other. But the thing about humans is that we have hope – we can, with the things that we have, keep pushing forward and never give up!

All the Best in all you do!

Remember – be mindful – take care of yourself first – ask yourself what you are feeling…

Are you tired? Is that why you’re getting angry – because you do not have enough physical or mental energy when it is evening? Take a moment during this lockdown everyday to study your life and your needs for a change 🙂

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