Rising Five (This page is Rising Completion)

Do you ever find yourself overthinking? Have you ever gone into that mental space where you feel like you’re trapped in an eternal web of possibilities? And then you glance at the mirror and realize that you have spent valuable time pondering over things that are either inevitable, or unlikely.

What is the nature of the human mind? How do we allow ourselves to perceive the world? Why is it that we always tend to either be chained to a past that refuses to release us, or a future (versions constructed by our insecurities, fears, guilts, passions, visions or motivations) which seems to cloud our ability to be present in the moment? The poem reminds me of a paradox that used to be stuck in my head – We are living while we are dying and dying while we are living.

Here’s a poem – words strung together to form an understanding of the human condition. The inability to be fully present. The obsession over our control (induced by our fears?) of the timelines. This poem shines a light on the in -between – the stuck in limbo. Can we transcend this mindset? Does mindfulness actually help? We will discuss that later but let’s take a look at what the poem talks about the human mentality about life.

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