Farewell to Barn and Stack and Tree Sample Answer Part 2

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The mother is left all alone at the end of the day. The poet captures the emptiness and heartache which has not yet reached the mother with poetic brilliance, stating that

‘She had two sons at rising day

Ton-night she’ll be alone.’

This captures the life and love within the house when the two brothers lived there. As the sun rose, she had two sons – this pun suggests the warmth she felt from her sons and their love. It also connotes the care she received from them and the fact that they were the light of her life, and they were the hope she woke up to every morning. However, with the murder of the brother due to a conflict, she will end up with an empty house and unbearable pain in her heart. Because of their conflict and action the mother is the one who would suffer the most. Even though the speaker says that the empty plate will wait long for him, and that the dinner will be cold, it is the mother who would be waiting for him and missing the dead brother.

The speaker also captures how what is left of the family – the mother – will face a difficult situation in terms of finances as both able-bodied males in the family are now gone.

Long for me the rick will wait,

And long will wait the fold.

All the chores to be done at the farm house will be neglected because the brothers will not be there. The mother, who is left all alone would be helpless in this situation and may have to sell the farm or hire more people to work at the farm. This lack of family care and concern for the farm may end in financial ruin as the mother, who is getting older may be deceived and robbed. Therefore, the conflict between the brothers ends up further damaging the mother, who seems to be the only one remaining in the family.

It is not only the family that would be affected, but also friends who were familiar faces at their home. Terence seems to be someone who used to work with the brothers and probably knew them quite well.

And I wish you luck come Lammastide

The brother wishes Terence prosperity and strength as well as love. This proves that the relationship he had with this person was meaningful. They have shared hard work, joy, and pain. However, after the murder takes place, there will no longer be a friendship between the two as the brother leaves his home, never to return again.

Therefore, what is evident is that because of the conflict between the two brothers, the home was thrown into chaos. The mother will have to suffer as she has no one to take care of her, she has to bear the pain of losing her sons – one dead and the other missing, which makes it even worse as she would be waiting forever for his return, not knowing if she will ever see him again – and her farm will lack the manpower to be maintained. The bond between the brothers is cut short and their friendship with Terence is also lost due to the conflict which was not resolved in a reasonable manner.


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