Twilight of a Crane Sample Answer

“Yohyo’s character represents the fact how people are misguided by disruptive elements in the society for their own benefits” do you agree?

Ok, I will break down the process of answering this for you guys.

When you get this type of question, break it down.

YOHYO – Represents (shows) – People misguided (deceived, set in a destructive track) – Disruptive elements (things that are bad, disturbs the peace) for their benefits (for selfish reasons). So, how does Y represent how people get deceived because of bad things that they think are beneficial for them?

The obvious answer to this question is the greed. The craving for more and more of something, even when you have enough. Here, it is money and goods and novelty. So how do we approach the question? We need 3 points for the body of the essay and a intro and conclusion.

***Right at the introduction we need to CLEARLY state whether you agree or not!

Here are the points we can use:

  1. Because the question talks about disruptive elements, we can establish how there was peace and happiness in the play, in their home at the beginning of the play.
  2. We can mention the elements that disrupt their peace.
  3. How the deception affects the family. Consequences.

*Use the PEE method (Point – Evidence – Explanation) Here, evidence means the quotations or paraphrasing you are going to use.

Why don’t you try writing an answer using the above points and send it to me – I will send you personalized feedback to improve your answer (Content // Language // Organizing).

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