The Vendor of Sweets Revision Session – Online – Part 1

Ticket Price – Rs. 1000

Date – 8th January, 2022, Saturday

Time – 4.00PM – 6.30PM


  1. comprehensive detailed summary with the perfect quotations for answers.
  2. 20 (easy to remember) stages of the novel identified to help you remember with ease
  3. Character in-depth study
  4. All the main themes of the novel: in-depth study
  5. Quiz to test your knowledge (Quizziz Quiz created by The Words Academy)
  6. Resource booklet for FREE

To register

  1. Deposit Rs 1000 to A/C 8216004976 – Commercial Bank. (Add student name as reference!)
  2. Send a picture of the receipt to 0765391326 – please mention the name of the student as well.

Dear children, if you are facing circumstances that do not allow you to spend the above amount, you can notify me. You can pay half the amount (Rs 500).

Remember, part 2 will include in-depth discussion of the quotes (Quotesplanations) and answer writing techniques, and specific answers (including points and quotations) based on the Novel.


    • Hi Remza – thanks for your question. Actually, I was unable to conduct the session due to certain issues – but I will let you know when I conduct it – I will post it in the Youtube channel.


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